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Status: New idea

I would like to be able to give the Mark Button a default setting.

I mostly use it to 'mark as read' so if I could set that as the default when I click on the button that would be marvellous. The setting could be changed in the drop down arrow that is already there. I could then change the default to any of the other options.

Thank you.

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New member

I found a work around. To the right of the email subject, is a column that contains small circles.  The unread emails have the circles colored in green. The Read emails have empty circles.  Clicking on the circle toggles it from Unread to Read and then back to Unread.

New member

It's the first thing that hit me after upgrading to Supernova. It's annoying to have to reach for the keyboard and press M or waste an extra click to open the drop-down.

New member

I would agree.  The old style of having Mark toggle read/unread for whatever is selected was great.  I'll often select one or groups and just click mark.  Now I have to click mark and then click mark as read.  It's extra steps that are unnecessary.  By all means, keep the arrow if people want other options, but it would be great if there was a default or another button that just said Toggle Read/unread.

Strollin' around

A possible workaround:

hamburger menu > visualize > toolbar > customize toolbar

from the customization ui you can drag the "Mark" icon (an envelope with a plus symbol) up near the "ctrl + k" searchbox.

Now you can quickly mark as unread a message.

New member

The thread is about how the "Mark" icon used to work and how it works now. It used to make the selected mails "Read/Unread" and now in Supernova it opens a drop down. Currently there is now workaround for that.

New member

This new drop-down menu on mark is useless ! Please add a new button with the previous feature to simply toggle read/unread !

Strollin' around

For reasons I won't get into, I jumped from version 68 to 115. I really want toe old Mark button back, with the drop-down as an option. The posted work-around doesn't work