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Making moves
Status: New idea

While in the bookmarks sidebar, sometimes I want to jump in to the Manage Bookmarks area to perform more extensive adjustments to the area I'm in. For example, I wanted to select multiple bookmarks and move them in a subfolder -- an impossible task in the sidebar.

However, when I use the Bookmarks menu > Manage Bookmarks command, I'm brought to the root level, rather than the area where I was working.

As solution, I suggest one or both of the following:

  1. Add a Manage Bookmarks command to the context menu shown when right-clicking a bookmark/folder in the Bookmarks sidebar.
  2. If you select the Bookmarks menu > Manage Bookmarks command while the Bookmarks sidebar is open, you will be navigated to the selected bookmark/folder.
Strollin' around

You select multiple bookmarks next to each other with Shift + Arrows keys(or click on empty left side of the bookmarks name). Select multiple bookmarks not next to each other using Ctrl + Space(or click on empty left side of the bookmarks name) & arrow keys to move around the bookmarks. Select all bookmarks with Ctrl+A.
After the selection you can easily drag them to the folder of your choice, if it's a subfolder you can open them first by clicking on them & then drag bookmarks to them.

Making moves

TL;DR - Glad as I am to know about the shortcuts from @yota, I don't think I'll remember them. 🙃 I'd still like to see my idea considered.

I didn't know about those keyboard shortcuts. So, I guess it's not an impossible task, but it isn't intuitive, at least not to me.Those particular shortcuts aren't commonplace in other applications -- or are they?

I used to using Shift+Click to select a range of items, or Ctrl+Click (Windows) / Command+Click (Mac) to select non-adjacent items, which are used in lots of applications and GUI file managers. Those are also the shortcuts used in the Bookmarks Library.

Anyway, yeah, I still think my idea would make Firefox more useable.