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I use Firefox nightly to help test drive new features. Naturally, this means that almost every day it prompts me to update to the latest version. Because updating every day would be pretty disruptive to my workflow, I try to make the time to do it every other week or so. Unfortunately, the pop-up prompt contains no information about what version I'm on or what the latest version is. This means that it's very difficult to tell at a glance how out of date I am.

If I go to Firefox Nightly -> About Nightly, it will tell me what version I'm using and gives me a Restart to Update Nightly button, which is more helpful but requires me to dig through the menus whenever the update prompt appears.

It would be great if the update prompts (both the pop-up and the context menu button you get if you click the menu with the green dot) would tell me what version I'm on and what version is available.


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