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New member
Status: New idea

Privacy is supposed to be the hallmark of Firefox, the reason why we are supposed to love it so much.  Yet the means by which one can manage cookies necessitates IT knowledge that we casual users do not have.  Please make it easy for one to manage cookies-- keeping those for sites one trusts and uses (e.g. banking), and deleting those for sites that one casually visit.  It feels as though this was given initial priority and implemented so the "box can be checked", then quickly forgotten. 

New member

I just want the ability to save some cookies that would be untouched when you purge. A setting where all cookies are deleted but log in cookies for favored suites and the like.

I used to use CCleaner to do this, but I no longer use CCleaner and would LOVE to have this functionality back.

New member

yes, yes, yes.   Please do this.  Right now managing cookies is a nightmare because I want to leave them for about 6 sites, but usually have hundreds to delete.  My preference would be to have a list of websites from which I will accept cookies, and for the system to refuse all others unless I affirmatively agree to them.