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Status: New idea

Too many people now are living under dictatorships where use of the internet and information is being blocked or restricted for their citizens. People have the right to have access to information freely no matter if they're the unlucky ones born and trapped under their dictator regimes or not. Enable them to access the internet freely with a free VPN system please. Fighting against any and all dictator regimes is what the entire world needs to take part in not just the ones directly and immediately affected by them. If you're worried of abuse, you can ip ban them later or make free VPNs available only in regions where dictators are ruling.

Strollin' around

I consider this idea very important indeed!!! And please make a free version so people all around the world can have free VPN to enjoy browsing completely free

Making moves

I live in Ukraine and would like to use Mozilla's VPN.

Or, at least, a VPN built into the browser, in fact, I don’t need anything else.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a good VPN that works in the browser and I have to use Proton.

And nobody on the market offers the ability to set up different containers to different VPN servers.