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Hi team,

As people are moving to Firefox because of MV3. Firefox is good, but it doesn't support custom shortcut key for some actions like Back/Foward. macOS allows users to assign custom shortcut key to any application menus. But the most used actions Back/Forward are missing from Firefox's menus. Could you please add them to the menu just like Chromium browsers are doing. As a developer, I think this could be done quickly.

Thanks in advanced.


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Community Manager

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Hi, Firefox's default keyboard shortcuts for Back and Forward on Mac OS are:

Back: Command + Left Arrow or Command + [

Forward: Command + Right Arrow or Command + ]

Firefox doesn't have a built-in method to override built-in keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully we can have that some day.

If there are keyboard shortcuts that aren't assigned to built-in features, then add-ons often can use them to do what you want. But that definitely is an extra step and not everyone will trust those add-ons.