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Status: New idea

Google Chrome and Safari browser have live captioning feature to enable deaf and hard of hearing people like myself to follow the dialogues on the video. Live Captioning will caption the video automatically if the audio of any voice is detected just like dragon speaking software. Firefox should include that feature to increase availability of the accessibility features packed in the browser.

New member

Any updates? This is pretty important!

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I too need live captions in FIrefox, there is simply no adequate workaround for all my in-browser audio.

New member

Mozilla please 🙏

New member

Totally agree! That would be super helpful to people with hearing issues, folks in loud places, or those who just don't want to disturb others can all benefit from it. It's all about being inclusive and making browsing easier for everyone. So, c'mon Firefox, let's make the web more rad and add that live captioning feature! 🤘😎

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Windows 11. Settings > Accessibility > Captions > Live captions

Should be fine with any audio.

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Glad that Windows 11 has a built-in option, but I can't upgrade to that yet. Chrome's Live Captions is the only thing keeping me on Chrome, it's a lifesaver, but once Firefox adds it, I'll be coming back to it, so I hope they add it as soon as possible for accessibility's sake.

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Please add this!!

Strollin' around

Please add this feature, Mozilla, it would be very beneficial for people with hearing and listening disabilities!

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pls add 😞 am half deaf


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Just adding my 2c that it would be wonderfull to have live caption on firefox. Most videos have subtitles at least but for example if a video just got uploaded sometimes subtitles wont work, its nitpicking but another point to consider with related instances