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Status: Delivered

Please add a close button next to a highlighted tab under "list all tabs". 

Also, if you use multiple windows with their own tabs, allow sorting tabs order by window launched from (if I click list all tabs in one window, list only those tabs in the same order they appear in my tab bar).

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close button in tab list

It would be great to have close buttons next to the tabs in the tab list as it would give a quick & convenient method to close tabs. I know the tabs have close buttons in the normal tab layout but with a large numbers of tabs there's so little room for web page title that it's hard to see what I'm closing.

See attached png where I've added close buttons to the first 3 tabs.


I'm not sure why those buttons were left off. Was there a concern with accidental closure? Or just to keep the list simple?

For now, right-click > Close Tab probably is the closest thing.

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Every tab list extension have this feature. This is why this features in needed.

It is convenient for finding and closing duplicate tabs.

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Like this idea. To keep the tab list a neat look, I suggest only hovered tab should show a close button.

Strollin' around

Urgent! Close button in front of each tab name in the list of tabs (including the new list in Firefox View) for faster operation!

Status changed to: New idea
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While there is no close button for a listed tab, the regular tab context menu is available when you right-click a title. That allows you to close a tab after the extra step of calling up the menu.

Currently, I believe List All Tabs (also known as the Tab Manager) is for the current window only. It would be great if the drop-down could show tabs from all windows (in an organized way).

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Add a close X icon at each of the listed tabs when we click on the top right List all tabs button.

I am fun of Mozilla Firefox and I have the bad habit to keep many tabs open.

My idea is to add a close (X) icon at each of the listed tabs when we click on the top right List all tabs button, like the one there is already on the currently opened tab so then it could be very easy and very fast to close any tab without the need to open it and then close it.

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Please add a 'x' next to all the tabs shown in 'List All Tabs'. This is a very small change for the dev team but will make managing tabs a lot easier for the users, by saving time.