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New member
Status: New idea

PLEASE bring back this option!! Your last upgrade dumped it (had you said so before upgrading you can bet your boots that upgrade would not be on my computer) None of the suggestions worked to get them back in a list on the left side.  Using the bookmark button on the upper bar is a time consuming thing and a pain,  i HATE IT!!   You can't open several file folders at a time, or jump from one to the other without using that button, bad bad bad.  I have not tried making a new folder, but if that doesn't work I am going to another browser PDQ. 

PLEASE bring back the left hand list option. Or tell us  what to do to restore it, none of the ideas have worked and I am no computer dummy, been on them since 1982. I have never used a browser that did not have this option.

Making moves

Do you mean (Ctrl+B)?


Also, here's the support article on the Bookmarks Sidebar and other sidebars: 

New member

Please restore the bookmarks on the left side with a shift possibility for easier browsing and it should stay - with the option to close it not the other way round.

Many thanks!