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Bonjour les mozilliens.

Avec les facilités de traduction maintenant disponibles sur le web, Mozilla devrait être capable de communiquer dans la langue de ses utilisateurs. Pourquoi alors résister à la traduction? Et si vous  commenciez par les informations relatives aux mises à jour du système.

Bon dimanche,

Denis-Émile Giasson

Hello Mozillians.

With the translation facilities now available on the web, Mozilla should be able to communicate in the language of its users. Why then resist translation? How about starting with the information about system updates.

Good Sunday,

Denis-Emile Giasson


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Biguede

Thanks for this feedback. We are currently working on a built-in translation feature - it's actually available to try out in Firefox Nightly. Check out this thread to learn more: get built-in translation feature 

For your request, if I'm understanding correctly, you would like to see the update prompt/release notes in your native language?