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Status: New idea

This came through as a question on reddit with 87 net votes, showing a screenshot of Chrome's "Search Tabs" feature (in the tab strip).


People pointed out that you can search tab titles via the address bar using the % restriction token. However, this is a bit of a multi-step process, unlike the same feature in Chrome, which allows people to do a Ctrl-shift-a and begin typing for the tab vs. the Firefox feature, which requires people to do Ctrl-l then type % space and begin typing the tab title.

Ideally, there would be a keyboard shortcut that would focus the address bar with the restriction token already populated.

New member

Seriously, please consider adding this feature. Coming from Microsoft Edge, I really miss this.

New member

How did Firefox become so non-keyboard-friendly? It used to be a power user browser.

New member

A small workaround: thanks to the documentation I found out that pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab focuses the List All Tabs menu and from there you can press the Search tabs button to trigger the tabs search feature. Works only if the setting Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order is enabled in Preferences.

New member

There is no a single short cut, but you can do

ctrl + e  or ctrl + l, this will go to the address bar

and type a "%" symbol and space, then you can search tabs