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Status: New idea

Problem: There is currently no keyboard shortcut in Mozilla Firefox for bookmarks.

Solution: I would like to have a Keyboard shortcut for bookmark: ```ctrl+y = add bookmark````


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I would like as a user to have a keyboard shortcut to add bookmarks.


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I'm not sure how the letter was chosen, but:

  • On a page that isn't bookmarked, Ctrl+D adds a bookmark
  • On a page that is bookmarked, Ctrl+D calls up the editor to edit the bookmark
  • You can use Ctrl+Shift+D to bookmark all of the tabs in the current window to a new folder

(On Mac, use the Command key instead of Ctrl.)

Is that broken on your Firefox?

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@jscher2000 Hi! How are you? thanks for commenting!  Is that broken on your Firefox?

  1. What you said is truth. I checked it now and ctrl+d works perfectly.  But ... I tested the ctrl+d shortcut before and it didn't work[Mozilla Firefox version: 99.0.1 (64-bit)]. So ... I thought "that the shortcut for adding bookmarks is not implemented in Mozilla Firefox" or I thought as a solution "make a request to add a shortcut to bookmarks as ctrl+y" or "open some issue to communicate that Mozilla Firefox was not working properly with ctrl+d".
  2. But ... I think it must have been a program with this shortcut already configured previously. So... please close this idea...don't delete it. Close the idea... if you have someone with the same question or problem... you can be redirected to your comment beforehand. Note: I don't know why the error was caused or why it worked normally afterwards.
  3. Please, if possible see these ideas... : , or - I want to know your opinion!