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Making moves
Status: New idea

Please do change confirmation popup to not mistakenly hitting "delete all tab" on Firefox Mobile 

It's way close to garbage bin icon, single-tap to continue, "reopen closed tab" only shown temporally, no place to temporally move isolate closed tab, and can't reopen via "open recently closed tab" via history.


There is many option to avoid this;

- The blue "Undo closing all tab" popup should last longer

- Move popup to fronting the center of the screen

- Change confirmation to slide-to-proceed

- Make garbage bin directory to temporally store closed tab, or just make "recently closed tab" recognize the tabs that closed by "close all tab" feature

- Functionality to Backup bookmark, by using firefox sync, offline file, or introducing mobile addon


 Please fix this issue.



iOS: Make the new tab and delete tab icons easier to hit 


Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

This issue happened again recentry. 

Making moves

Idkw but this bug have gotten worse recently. I really had attempted to switch to Opera browser, but they had the same defect, so I gave up.