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Status: New idea

Please make „Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages“ abailable for Firefox on iOS! Thank you.

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Yes! They're is no way way on Firefox iOS to increase the font size, (that I'm aware of) and the default is tiny, especially for those of us who wear reading glasses. I have looked in settings, but can't find anything, and some pages (most) don't offer a reading mode, which should also  easier to access.

New member

Add ability to change zoom levels on iOS Firefox mobile.

After rummaging several google results I’m surprised to find that I can’t change the zoom level of a webpage such as on windows or mac. Pinching refreshes instead of maintaining a full view of a webpage and I wish I could set my default webpage with a wider scale for more content on one page, or vice-versa.

Strollin' around

Similarly but the inverse I would like more zoom out (as well as zoom in) options on a mobile page. iOS safari allows zooming a page out to 50% in in to 300% which might be a bit much but there are some pages that 85% works so much better than 100% because of poor page design. And this safari zoom affects all elements on the page, not just font size like edge on iOS, which I think is ideal for some sites as making diagrams, images etc. bigger helps too. 

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I am surprised how this is missing from a lot of non-safari browsers, not just Firefox. Is there something in iOS that makes this difficult?

regardless, I would love to see the same scaling options we have in safari in Firefox. It’s a major reason I can’t use it as my default browser

New member

Realized this option is missing on both iOS and Android! Sorely missing this on small screened devices.