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Hi! 👋

I have been developing a progressive web app (PWA) with a very robust service worker. It has been a development pain point to the team to debug the service worker file in the browser -- one of the reasons is that getting to the service worker debugger is several clicks deep into the developer tools. Additionally the URL is so unique (something like "about:devtools-toolbox?id=709a54d4-deef-45c1-b7f9-f5699e8dfbc5&type=worker") that one cannot directly go to it between versions or installations and must always click through the layers of developer tools.

It would be a PWA developer improvement for the service worker debugger to be integrated into the source code debugger at the top level of developer tools, or otherwise more directly visitable via a direct link/URL (redirected)

Thank you for having the best PWA support of all browsers out there yet ^_^

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