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Originally posted on community support:

Hi folks,

I'd like to obtain some clarity on provenance aspects of Firefox released as a Flatpak.

I see in this article that one of the options is to use flatpak package:

Is this article produced / reviewed by mozilla? Is flatpak an officially trusted, backed by mozilla, means of installing firefox on a system?

On flathub one can observe the "Verified" seal which indicates that such package is developed and maintained by original package developers (in case Mozilla). One can also observe in multiple forums here and there that mozilla is the one that builds and maintain this package.

Though a seal is nice, and users opinions are ok, it would be good to have artifacts that would evidence better this relationship. Also, would be good to have this officially stated in mozilla's website, under "Download options and other languages" section, something like "you can also safely install firefox through the flatpak package available on flathub which is developed / maintained / signed by mozilla itself".

Or maybe all of this information is around and i am just not able to link it together.


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