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I'm debugging a performance issue between Chrome and Firefox (BIG initial delay often in Firefox, not in Chrome).  One guess is the DoH (DNS over HTTPS) feature which overrides the system DNS server list that I purposefully customized for performance and functionality (validity/security).

I see where to change the value, but no help to determine if I should.  It'd be handy to include (or point to) a good method of comparing DoH providers.  Personally I'm wanting performance data, but functionality checks could be good too (what do they do with invalid requests, etc).

Sadly the tool I tested DNS servers with is older, and doesn't look for DoH support let alone test for it.  It's from the Spin Rite guy (Gibson?).  Guess I can mention it to him too, though I'm guessing he'll be hesitant to add a browser specific test to his general purpose DNS performance/validity tool.

I'm picturing a table with a performance measure (average or range from a few requests?  or like the Spin Rite thing has cached vs not) and maybe a functionality icon (red/yellow/green) if necessary or useful.  Or that you include the information with the server setting like "CloudFlare (1-10ms) [default]"

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