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Making moves
Status: New idea

Releases of Firefox Upgrades will be helpful if instructions are included. Users will want to know what steps to take to assure that Bookmarks, Tabs, Passwords, etc., are kept in place during the updating process; ie: the option to delete sessions that might modify user profile choices and the graphic user interface. This information is not front-and-center in Firefox updating blasts. Including instructions will help prevent errors, disappointments and extensive delays toward achieving successful upgrades/updates. All possible options and solutions should be included in the proposed instructions, which might simply be provided online with a built-in connecting link/process in the Installation File which allows users to access Instructions before performing upgrades/updates.

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Community Manager

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Hi Chauncy, updates are usually seamless, up to the point that you notice an add-on theme doesn't work the same, or a feature was changed or (re)moved.

Can you describe some examples of issues you've had with updates, where it would have been helpful to know more in advance?