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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently if you look in Windows 10's Task Manager you'll see a bunch of "Firefox" named processes.  My suggestion is to add a distinct ending string to describe what each process is for/doing.

Often it seems a process is doing lots of work for a particular URL/tab.  I'd like to be able to see which tab or add-on is doing work outside the Firefox Task Manager.  It is a fine new feature, but it can be useful to have multiple ways to find information (and verify it).

Ideas for names include...

  • group shared work into a category (video playback, encryption, etc)
  • use the whole URL for the process name, since it's held in a tree structure under Firefox and has an icon to match.  On Linux they'd see the parent PID.

or more complex...

  • if domains are unique for tabs, that's an obvious label
  • if many tabs share the same domain then folder/file endings might differ
  • or the "title" the web page itself sets could differ

If they change often this might add a good deal of extra work, so I understand if it's a feature that's disabled while on battery.  But for debugging or profiling it might be a handy way to estimate for regular home users.

Status changed to: New idea
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For more information about Firefox's processes, check out Firefox's "about:processes" page. It will show you which sites are loaded in which processes, how many threads and how much memory each process is using, and a button to kill a process.

New member

I am missing this process names a lot. Thanks for submitting.

Making moves

This is useful for debugging