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Status: New idea

Firefox currently acts as a search provider, allowing web search and tab/history search from gnome itself, but there are a few issues with the implementation. While I am not a developer, I think the proposed solutions should be implementable given GNOME web's similar search provider or at least included as options in about:config.

  1. Its availability depends on package format and distribution. I think there were some reddit threads, but I cannot find them after the Reddit API protests. It works on Fedora 38 with the RPM, and there is some convoluted configging to make it work with the Fedora Flatpak.
  2. It only works when Firefox is open. By contrast, GNOME Web/Epiphany has a near-identical implementation but still works when Epiphany is closed (not running in the background).
  3. Link opening is inconsistent. Web searches launch in a new window after a moment of delay, whereas history results open in a new tab in the last active window.
    My personal preference is for both to open in a new tab in the last active window and only open in a new window if Firefox was closed. Again, this should be doable as GNOME web and Firefox both have the functionality to open a new tab in the last active window.


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