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Status: New idea

Firefox Text to Speech capability is severely lacking compared to Microsoft Edge.

Text to Speech should be moved outside of Reader View.

Higher-quality voice offerings than Microsoft Edge should be offered, perhaps AI generated.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Making moves

On the first screen of "trending ideas", this was the only one that caught my interest. The list appears to be pretty random, but it appears to be a combination of being a recent submission and receiving the (dismissive) "terminal comment" from the "Community Manager" Jon.

However, the reason it caught my attention was not related to Firefox. It was because I use the flip-side feature, voice dictation, quite heavily in Android and I've been struggling with the TTS side since "upgrading" to a new smartphone. (Samsung has disappointed me a second time. Shame on me, though I have excuses. Or maybe I should just blame Oppo?)

However, I can pretty definitely say that I would not chip in $10 towards adding this particular feature within Firefox. That's again on the premise that Firefox had a different donation model where I could direct at least some of my donations towards the features I am using or want to use... My tag for that idea is #CSB (but there are no matches, though I thought I submitted that suggestion a couple of years ago). In general I don't use Firefox on Android because it is too heavy and making it heavier is not going to help. The main feature I do use which calls for (ongoing) donations involves sync (but only two parts).