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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Imagine being able to quickly add a new bookmark using a keyboard shortcut and being offered the keyword field with multiple possible keywords.

In the attached picture, that would mean that:

1) The two "Edit Bookmark" windows would offer the same functionality, so if effect cmd + D  would do the same as cmd+B -> search by tag -> right click -> Edit Bookmark… 

2) Similar to how you can assign multiple tags to a bookmark, you could assign multiple keywords too. That would mean that entering any of the keywords you choose and hitting enter would take you to the desired website. In my example, "d", "di", "dic", "dict"... or "m", "me", "mer"... + enter would all lead to Merriam-Webster.

This would enable you to quickly open frequently used sites using whatever keyword you first think of at that moment, save your time editing bookmarks, and ensure you don't have to remember just one keyword.

What do you all think? 🙂


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