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Currently, I don't see the "X" button to close a tab when I hover over a tab. I don't see why I should have to select a tab in order to see the "X" button to close it. I also don't want to right click on a tab to get to the context menu to close a tab. I'm pretty savvy with keyboard shortcuts like Cmd+W and Option+Cmd+Left/Right, but if I can have another path to do what I want via trackpad/mouse I will take it.

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Closing inactive tabs when multiple tabs are open

When you open multiple tabs say 10 tabs at once the close button on each tab disappears and in order to close an inactive tab I have to navigate to the inactive tab and click on the close button . It seems a bit tedious to do it that way. Therefore can there an improvement where the close button appears when I hover over the inactive tab and I'm able the close the tab without actually navigating to the tab.


I think that would be useful.

Currently, you also have the option to right-click the inactive tab to call up the context menu and use Close Tab on that menu, but it's an extra step.

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to @tabspace:

there USED to be the ability that you just hover-your--mouse-cursor over the tab (whether or not  you had it clicked / it was a active tab) and you could left-click on the "X" to close it.


Firefox (or Mozilla. i dunno who) removed that. i dunno why 😞

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An Update to my post...seems like if you have a middle button in your mouse...hovering over the inactive tab and clicking the middle button closes the tab

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I know that there are already X to close tabs especially when we have a few. But when we start to get a lot of them the X disappears as an option except on the tab you are in.

It would be helpful if we could have an X that would appear on the tab our mouse cursor hovers above to close a tab without going on it. Because otherwise it can become a bit longer to close unnecessary tabs.

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my suggestion is when you hover over a tab the icon X will appear and you will be able to close it.

nowadays, you need to select the tab by mouse and only than you have access to the X icon.

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Please do this.  It is an extra click to click on a tab you want to close and either hover over to get the x or have the x persistent all the time like Chrome browsers.  Thank you and love Firefox!!!!

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******Very Useful: Close button on a Mouseover when multiple tabs opened******


When there a few tabs opened the close button on the individual tabs is available but if more tabs are opened then the close button is not visible due to which we had to open each to close them but if the close button visible when we do a mouseover then it will be more helpful to close the tabs easily.

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Hi there,

I was just about to post a suggestion like this. I would also like to add that the same "hover over tab to show x button without needing to click on the actual tab or right click then close" feature should be added to the drop-down tab selector on the right of tabs where a vertical list of all our tabs in that windows pops up. The same thing should be done there. Hover over a vertical tab and on the right there should be a translucent x like when you have a few tabs open in a window, to close that specific tab right there without needing to click a few more times.

Please make this happen Firefox team!

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Please add this option.

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It's been added in the new version but I don't like it, when there is a lot tab and I try to switch tab by click on it, very frequently I accidentally hit the X, because it was not there when I aim it but suddenly show up when I just moved my mouse there and starting click autonomously.

If I want close a tab, I'll use mid mouse button anyway.

PLEASE make it an option that I can turn it off!

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Ability to Close Tabs that you are not on

When you hover over other tab labels in your window you should be able to close them without having to leave the tab that you are currently on (i.e. without having to go on the tab that you wish to close).

A clickable 'x' mark should appear on them to be able to do this.


I noticed that you could do this in other browsers but not Firefox.

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Please add this feature - it's one of the things that I miss coming from chromium browser, where the threshold for "close" icon disappearing given the amount of tabs is a bit lower. In Firefox the button is disappearing too soon for me.

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Firefox needs to close tabs without switch to them

Firefox needs to close tabs without the necessity to switch to them, by displaying the close X in all the tabs, not just on the active tab. And displaying the close tab X in the Tabs menu too. This will be immenselly helpfull.