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Status: New idea

Instead of taking the browser back to the "home" page specified in settings, it would be great if an option is added where clicking home button will take the browser to the home page of current site.

Like this > if I am on a page and when I click on the home button I should go to

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Strollin' around

Since the beginning, the "Home" button has never been more than a Bookmark to a URL predefined in the Settings. This is a pointless waste.

Add an option so when you click the Home button, it takes you to the root URL of the site you are CURRENTLY on. Not every website is well designed with an easy-to-find link back to it's Homepage.

A user-selectable option in Settings to have the Home button take you back to the starting page of the site you are currently on would be much more useful than acting as simply just another bookmark to a preset page of your choice. With the existing "Bookmark Toolbar" and the ability to always show bookmarks in a side-window, a Home button to a single site simply isn't needed.

Offer an option to make it more useful. After 30 years, it's time.

New member

It is even worse if you want to return to the Firefox home page after working with your email.  Currently, I need top close Firefox or press the back arrow about a dozen or more times.

New member

A home button would be handy and takes you back to Firefox's home page like Microsoft edge does.