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I have an Idea that would be nice to add to the tabs section what if we could color code the tabs that can be distinguish from other open tabs just from glance. It would be nice if I had different tabs open but have the one tab color (or multiple colors) so I know that i can jump to it as soon as I found I'm looking for. For example writing an important paper with X number of tabs open but being able to find the tab that has all my notes. maybe it can be a right click or two touch click and have that option available. Just a thought 🙂

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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Strollin' around

Yes, this is the reason I'm finally commenting. I was hoping the devs would realize it without anyone telling them. It's like they don't use Firefox. If multiple tabs are open (which is pretty much always), all the tabs look the same, flat with the active one being just slightly deeper shade and a barely visible frame.

I appreciate minimalism, but if it hurts functionality so much, it's just art and it's pointless in terms of useful/practical design.

It's very hard on the eyes (I'm using the dark/system mode...guessing the light mode would be the same) to find out which one of e.g. 20 open tabs is the one I've just jumped to and want to go back to the one I previously worked on. Very tiring.


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Colored Tabs

I like many other people have a plethora of tabs open constantly. I do a lot of research for school and I think it'd be nice to be able to colorize individual tabs to visually see where important tabs are. I do organize topics by different windows but that only does so much.

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Please please please can you bump this idea up the ratings.

The super-faint highlight on the active tab urgently needs to be improved (before my eyesight fails me for straining to see which tab is currently active).

A simple 1-pt green or yellow outline on the tab could do the job quite nicely.

Thanks! (Cant wait to see this roll out)

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Colored tabs

Hello team,

I have an idea that can help users to be more organized while using the browser.

The idea is to create an option to color the tabs that user opens, so lets say I have 4 tabs, 1st two tabs are for fun and relaxing (Youtube for e.g.) and 2 tabs for work (excel sheet, article etc..) and we color the fun tabs with blue while the work tabs with red, that way we instantly know which tabs we are looking for and don't have to re-check or count which tab we are looking for when we have so many of them.


Kind Regards,

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Ability to define color for tabs

Allow tabs to have unique color. This would be especially useful when several tabs from one site are pinned, since the favicon is the same on each pinned tab. It's difficult to tell which url each tab is associated with.  Adding a color highlight to each tab would help differentiate them.

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tag a tab

when you have a dozen or more tabs open, there are important and unimportant ones. I'd consider a google doc I'm working a important, whereas a weather service or a news page would be less important.

So, in order to quickly find an "important" tab, it could have a bright highlight color. Upon reopening that doc, the color should automatically highlight again until you switch it off. You could even have a set of these auto added to a set of "short term bookmarks"

that's it, should be hard to code!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Potentially related idea here: Highlighted / Colored Tabs 

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tx Jon, glad I'm not alone wanting this feature! Great minds think alike lol.
If you know how to group this post with the rest in Highlighted - colored tabs, pls do

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Community Manager

@El_Rudo great! I'll merge the threads together 🙌

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Option to recolor Tabs.

I would like to have the option to choose a color for my tab background in the tab bar. Simply via right-click and choose a color from a quickmenu. I have several pinned tabs from the same website and the favicon does not help to distinguish them.



For information purposes
Take a look color the active tab

Community Manager
Community Manager

Similar idea (though specifically for pinned tabs) - Highlighted or colored pinned tabs for easy memory. 

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Ability to mark tabs with different colors

Situation: I' am an IT-Administrator, and working with a mass of tabs, i wish to have the abylity to mark dem with a color to find / identify them later for the case i have to switch / work with other tabs / topics.

Thanks a lot!