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Hi, I'm using Firefox in macOS 14.4.1. Sonoma and extending my desktop with an iPad using sidecar.

I have a Firefox window fullscreened in a space on my Mac and also on my iPad. The iPad's resolution is low enough and the use I have in mind for it so particular that I like to hide toolbars on it so all I see is the webpage content, but this isn't how I like to use FF in macOS: I keep the toolbars visible there.

So when I try to hide toolbars in the iPad's FF window, it makes them hidden in my macOS FF window as well. I'd like it to stop doing this.

Also I think the way FF reveals the traffic lights when I mouse up to the top in fullscreen could be more elegant: what if they slid in from the left rather than pushed everything down with a big empty window bar?


Connor (she/her)

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