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Status: New idea

Why does the toggling of the Bookmarks Toolbar* (Always Show, Never Show) not work in fullscreen?

Bookmarks Toolbar > Always Show (Ctrl+Shift+B)
Bookmarks Toolbar > Never Show (Ctrl+Shift+B)

Idea#1: While hovering over top of the page, have the Bookmarks Toolbar toggle in view when pressing the shortcut.
Idea#2: Have the Bookmarks Toolbar toggle in view when pressing the shortcut, even without hovering over top of the page.

Hope that made sense. And hope you like this idea. Right?

Status changed to: New idea
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I think it would be too much to have them always visible in fullscreen. However, the visibility setting could be used to toggle if you want to see bookmarks when you hover on the top panel, according to if you are on new tab page or a website.

There's also a similar post already, plz upvote:

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