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Status: New idea

At this very moment i have 2000+ tabs open. Why?

The Case
When i do research i might find information i want to read later (which i open in new tabs), but i might also create a path of thoughts and keywords i want to review at a later date. The thought process is often the most valuable part of research.

The Problem
Firefox will only store the history of a tab as long as it's opened. Closing the tab will destroy any insights in the route i took to get there.

I could use a session manager to store this data, but then i cannot search for the tab anymore.

The only simple solution i can think of is to have an option to store the tab history alongside a bookmark and make that information searchable.

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Making moves

I thought I was the only one who had this many tabs open at one time. My record is over 2500 tabs. I try to bookmark and sort them every week or so, but I end up with an impossible number of tabs that I am actively using. It would be very difficult to bookmark them and get back to what I was doing...following my particular train of I have to leave them up as tabs.

Like you, I am disappointed that I cannot save the tab history, even though it exists when I go back to a tab and move forward or backward in history. That would be helpful, because when I finally do bookmark them, I might lose important sites that I forgot were in the history of a particular tab.