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Making moves
Status: New idea

We all do " crawling any new " topics of intersts anywhere we go

We do find interesting topics, we would examine / look at later time

BUT dont want to forget at leas for " a time " ( day or week ) or so


So a " remembering branch " :

1) would like to see later today

2) would like to see for sure this week

wich could collect these LINKS ( for today / this week ) and store

// like " recently stored as bookmark " //stared

was NOT THAT bad


THAT similar bookmark - branch could be invoked by " RIGHT MOUSE CONTEXT MENUE "

if there was a " save for today // this week "


Which would free one of managing the " where do you want to save in your BM stuckture


These so collected bms could automatically be " Cleard at NEXT DAYS / WEEKS " start up,

or could be stored in the history in an Efficient manner ( not blowing the execution of the database in sense of performance)


regards karl







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