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Please do not block my browsing session just to force me to restart!  Let me restart when I want to.  For security reasons, I'm almost always browsing in Private Mode, and as such, logins and passwords are not saved.  So when I'm forced to restart because of an update, I have to save my current tab session, reopen them after FF has restarted, and re-login to every site I was using—many of which require 2FA, so it's extra annoying.

This is bad UX!  Put a notification, or even a whole separate tab telling me I need to restart.  But don't block out everything I was doing.  Even Windows doesn't do this...

Strollin' around

This issue has somehow gotten worse... I used to open a single new blank tab for Firefox to tell me that I need to restart (stupid way to deliver that message in the first place,) but now that's not enough, I gotta open a bunch of tabs and attempt some searches before it'll eventually give me the restart message.

It sucks to force us to restart in the first place, but why not give us a proper dialog box saying what needs to happen to fix the frozen browser? It's very strange how long it took to tell me why it was frozen. I can restart it myself just fine, but how am I supposed to know that that's the issue?

It's not respecting my "don't automatically update" setting choice, it's not giving me a countdown before forcing the restart so I can save my work, it's not properly notifying me when it does need to restart. Even if it's necessary to force restarts, it's not necessary for the UX to be this frustrating on top of it.

Making moves

@KellyK, thanks for the update. On balance, I still think I am better off using Firefox - compared the corporate browsers - and I would love to see it thrive. I am a pretty easy to please user but this one really gets under my skin. I would use private windows more if this thing did not get in the way. Losing things I had open in private windows on these occasions is one of the effects I hate the most.

New member

Stop with the stupid notices that updates are available.  I hate having to close and then continue with my networking.  I am getting really sick and tired of it !!!  About ready to dump FireFox and go with something else that is more user friendly.