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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Please add full screen functionality for firefox android. It is very useful especially while using an android tablet.

Strollin' around

FF handles BT Keyboard and mouses better than Chrome on Android.

I use Apache Guacamole (RDP client in HTML5) and the full screen option, at least when we make a shortcut (like for a PWA), is an important feature.

Thank you.

New member

Really need this Full Screen option - please

New member

This is so easy to implement, why has this not been done yet?

FF Android is such an awesome browser otherwise. Why must it lack basic features which make people gravitate towards other browsers then?

Please, one dev just get on it and make it happen. How difficult would it be to hide the status bar and make a toggle in the settings for it??!?!!?

Honestly I don't get it.

New member

Any Progress on this heavily requested feature?

New member

Okay, that's it, then. I recommend anyone who's here for the extension go to Kiwi Browser. Firefox Android and Firefox Desktop are completely different things.

New member

How is there still no support for full screen on Android? Should be prioritized to even consider it a modern browser

New member

This should be a priority