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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Please add full screen functionality for firefox android. It is very useful especially while using an android tablet.

New member

This should be a priority

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This is a much needed and underrated feature and wouldn't be hard to implement at all. This should be prioritized for the benefits it offers especially with how easy it would be to integrate it.

Someone please get on this quickly! it wouldn't take too much time also!

New member

I fully support this requirement from my side as well!
Would highly appreciate support of full screen in android version.

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Much needed function. Downloaded firefox to read on mobile but can't believe this function still does not exist.

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We seriously need this.


Any recommendations for how this full screen user experience should work? Any examples of other apps that implement full screen well? Would you like a button to make the browser full screen?

Or should Firefox automatically hide the system toolbar when you scroll, like how it hides the address bar when you scroll? I see that Firefox, Chrome, and Safari don't hide the system toolbar when scrolling on a tablet, but I see Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on an iPhone (but not on Android phones) do hide the system toolbar when scrolling in landscape orientation. I wonder why not on iPad.

Would you expect the same behavior in both portrait and landscape orientation? Should Firefox on phones or foldable screens have the same behavior?

New member

Hey there@cpeterson,

Thanks for taking a look at this. The best implementation of the full screen mode I've seen is with Samsung browser on Android.

The way it works is:

  • Scrolling hides the system toolbar along with the address bar, exactly like you said.
  • There is a menu option to turn this on or off in settings
  • The feature works the exact same on all Android devices, tried on my Samsung Tab S6 and Z Fold 3 in folded and unfolded mode.
  • Landscape mode works the same way as well, in order to keep things consistent I guess.

Here's a gif link for what it roughly looks like:

Apologies if the gif is unclear or too short. I would suggest trying out the Samsung browser to understand the implementation better.

Happy to help in case you'd like any further clarifications, thanks!!


I filed a Bugzilla bug to track this feature request:

There is a risk that malicious web pages might mimic the system status bar without needing to trick the user into clicking Firefox's full screen prompt.

We would need to make sure that users could escape the "system status bar is hidden" mode if a web page prevents the user from scrolling (maliciously or otherwise). That might be way Safari and Samsung Internet only hide the system status bar in landscape orientation.