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I wonder why a feature available on gmail is not popular and broadly spread. Gmail calls it "snooze":

It is the feature that allows marking an email (either received or to-be-sent... and, why not, any other email!), to set a reminder that will automatically display the marked email at a moment I've set (say, 2 days after, or 2 hours, whatever : whenever I feel I need to follow up if I have got no answer from the correspondant, etc).

My current way to handle these numerous emails I need to follow up is... Post-Its all around my monitor 😞

Of coures, one could dream about a very sophisticaed system, like the one developed for the filters, but I would be VERY happy if I were able to merely set the time where the "sonnzed" email would pop up automatically (or a list...) : the moment I determined as adequate, at the time I wrot 'or received) it and set the snooze.

I guess it could be an add-on, if it proves too complicated to be a feature integrated into Thunderbird ?

Sorry for the Post-It business 😉

Thanks !


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Make Thunderbird sync with Gmail snoozed emails.

Make Thunderbird sync with Gmail snoozed emails. If it´s possible, we can schedule the date to read email again and keep inbox clean.

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I would love to see this idea implemented, since I flip back and forth between Thunderbird and Gmail a lot at work.   I wonder about leveraging Lightning (which has "snooze" for calendar entries).

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I’d love this – it feels like a great way that Thunderbird can help make dealing with email easier. While theoretically I could add a reminder to my calendar to follow up on an email, it’s enough hassle that I seldom do.

From a comparative standpoint, many macOS mail clients (including the built-in and webmail Interfaxes (including GMail and Fastmail) have a similar feature, so having this in Thunderbird would help attract new users from those clients. 

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This is an important feature for anyone that is trying to do Inbox Zero.

Some other clients that have snooze:

- Outlook

- Spark

- Canary

- Proton

Having a snooze function allows any user to tidy their inbox “for later” without setting up complicated rules, or following as-hoc guides, e.g.