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Hello, I always use firefox to work with makeup and programming, I really love it, today I want to comment on something I have seen and that in my opinion is being wasted, the fixed firefox button that allows you to change the theme, color of the browser and that also stays fixed on the tab, in my opinion it is a useless and wasted button, if I would like to be able to fix tabs permanently as this button does since we need to be able to work not be changing theme colors or leave a more beautiful browser (which I do not offends), what if you could take advantage of the fact that the fixed tabs are permanent and that when you open another window or close the browser they are active, for us it would be more useful since my team and I normally have fixed the google drive, google calendar and google chat, personally I use thunderbird for emails, the others use google MAIL (Personally, being able to link thunderbird with firefox would be better since it seems better to me It's clean than Google MAIL) anyway, the fixed permanent button is not bad but as I said we need to work faster and fixing the tab that we open constantly is more useful than changing colors or putting wallpapers.

Thank you for this powerful tool and the work you do.

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