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Status: New idea

Hello Firefox tab view is great (exept it can not be on it's own windows without tabs)

I used to open lot and lot of tabs (more than 1k on some profile and easily 250/500 on most of them, more than 10 profile).

I take some time, sometimes, to review bookmark and/or close open tabs.

What i think can be great feature is search/ filter and info :

- with group by option

- NOT /IN bookmarks (for a website, maybe no need to check the path part)

- How many tabs by windows

- Total open

- a mark (star)  to see if url tabs' are in bookmark ( full url ( and url without path ( )

- a way to select several links (checkbox)

- the copy option should be an icon to to a one click

Status changed to: New idea
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Having bookmarks showing in Firefox View would be a great addition!