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Making moves
Status: New idea

Manage all windows from Firefox View, not just the current window

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

@shodan you should now be able to manage all windows from Firefox View. If you select 'View all' in the open tabs section, it displays all open windows.

Let us know if you're looking for any additional functionality.

Making moves



Thank you for the invitation, however, I wrote a comment earlier and it was lost.

Please resolve the issue of this forum losing comments when non-logged in users.

That is probably a lot of feedback that you are losing this way as users are discouraged from posting.

Making moves

First thing I would like to note

When you open the firefox view tab

by default it is in "Recent browsing" mode

I would prefer that it always start in "Open tabs" mode.

Also, all windows should be in "show more" state, already expanded.

This should probably be a changeable default setting

Another setting might be, the maximum number of visible tabs in "show less" state


Making moves

When you enter a search term, only tabs which contain the search word remain visible.

Is that searching the tab title only or the tab contents as well ?

When you then press enter, nothing happens.

Here I would suggest taking a page from Tab Manager Plus and

if user press enter, take all matching tabs, create a new window and put them in that window

Also, possibly, pressing shift+enter, might put these tabs in the current window instead of creating a new one



Making moves

Displayed windows, should be able to take all available horizontal space in the window.

Currently it will not use more than 3 columns

Here is what Tab Manager Plus does

So there are two approaches,

Use the extra horizontal to show more of the tab title, or have more columns, I feel that is something the user should decide,

I would prefer 4 columns, use all screen width for maximum title length

Making moves

In cases where one window has many many tabs

It would be preferable to use the screen space more efficiently


Here you can see that only one columns is populated, I think there space should be better used.

I think it would make sense to give each window a background colour here.

This colour might even be used elsewhere in firefox.

It would help here to distinguish which window is which, if the window display uses multiple columns at once.


Here Tab Manager Plus suffers from the same issue. Windows with many tabs are single columns until the end where the next set of windows begin.


Making moves

It should be possible to drag and drop tabs between windows from Firefox View

Here I demonstrate that it does not currently work.

Then I demonstrate how Tab Manager Plus does it

First single tabs

Then multiple selection tabs

and lastly, tabs selected by searching

Also I demonstrate the feature of taking all selected tabs and placing them into a new window


Also, there is the "highlight duplicates"  feature which can be pressed to select all tabs that have duplicates at the end of the video


Making moves

When there is a search, there should be a way to specify whether to show non-matching tabs or not.

Here I demonstrate this feature in Tab Manager Plus


Making moves

Middle click should close the clicked tab, not open that tab a second time in the current window

In this video, I demonstrate both middle clicking in firefox view and tab manager plus

Making moves

One thing I always missed from Tab Manager Plus

Was a way to put a tab into a bookmark folder

I would also like a seamless operation between tabs and bookmarks

Suppose I take all these "portableapps" tabs

I would like to "move" them to a bookmark folder.

I have noticed this action is cumbersome and unreliable.

Sometimes I will try to bookmark a few hundred tabs and some tabs will not make it to the bookmark folder.

I would like a "move to bookmarks" which does both "bookmark then close" in a single operation but also that makes sure the bookmark has been created before closing the tab, it should be a reliable operation.

And this is getting outside the scope. But if I save many tabs to a bookmark folder, I might want to re-open all these bookmarks at once.


This is currently very difficult.

If you open 300 tabs, they will all load immediately and really hurt performance.

I have tried the "LoadAfterSelect3" addon, unfortunately, the way it prevent immediate loading is by creating special tabs, which have weird moz:// URLs which make them unsearchable and unfilterable.

There should be a way to open tabs without loading them. Or loading tabs in a throttled manner, say one every 5 second, or maximum 30 tabs per minute.

Think of what happens when you open 1300 aliexpress tabs. Just doing that will trigger their anti-bot defenses and will require going to every single tabs and doing the captcha.

And, to get totally off the track here, it should be possible to save the full tab data in the bookmarks.

I know this is sounds like a crazy idea, but I'm sure in 10 years, every single browser will have this feature.

I should be able to just load my saved tabs and pick up where I left off, because loading 2000 tabs is quite a chore right now.


I have a lot lot lot lot more to say about improving firefox. If you tell your new CEO about tell him this, I want Mixtral 8x7B, in firefox, using my GPU, on my airgapped offline system and I want to ask this model questions about the 5000 fully loaded tabs in my browser. Also, you should think of tabs as micro-virtual machines.