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Making moves
Status: New idea

 Text translation is great but for single words not really because it gives only one answer. Some words have multiple translations and that doesn't get showed like it does with google translate. Please upgrade text translations with adding more single words translation.  

New member

Hello everyone.

The Firefox Translations addon being actually so inaccurate that it's almost unusable (at least in French)
So could you please consider to:

  • Add multiples suggestions for translations of single words (as Google did).
  • Add a button for direct feedback on translation quality and/or, icing on the cake, be able to contribute to translations by providing suggestions (as Google did).

Thank you very much for considering these suggestions.

I've already commented on the topic of accuracy on GitHub and was asked to provide examples,
but as almost all single words translations are from wrong to even non-existent words, I can't and I just want to say "use it by yourself or hire a French dev" and it shouldn't take you too long to notice it ^^

Mozilla releases local machine translation tools as part of Project Bergamot
Firefox Translations par Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Translations

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@Raziel there is a separate idea thread here on Connect for being able to provide feedback on the quality of translations:

Have the possibility to make a feedback about a wrong translation