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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

It would be nice if Firefox synced shortcuts so users don't need to readd them each time they sync on a new computer.

Making moves

this is really critical for people with advanced configurations. I would really LOVE this feature and am disappointed that this feature hasn't gotten more support from the community so far.

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I totally agree.. Google does it... Is MOZILLA saying they cant perform a sync that Google easily does? 🙂

Come on Mozilla, help us out.. Please.


Be nice for a reply

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I wanna see this happen as well. I use multiple devices and it's a bit of a chore to set these up all the time. Something like this would be amazing

Edit: I'm sorry for the double post. I just created my account and didn't think this first one was posted

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I wanna see this happen as well. I use multiple devices, and it's such a chore to set them all up especially when I make changes in one of them. It would be amazing to see this happen

Strollin' around

Waiting for the automatic sync to happen is very frustrating. Manual sync is also necessary.

My workaround so far has been to keep a tab with the settings open on the sync section. This gives me a quick access to the manual sync when I need it.

Come on FireFox, manual sync already exists in the application. All that you have to do now is facilitate its access by including an icon for the taskbar, and a hotkey.

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I like to see automatic syncronization of shortcut icons happen as well. I use multiple devices and it's a bit of a chore to set these up all the time.

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Totally agree. I don't know why they sync the dynamic content such as Open tabs, History... but ignore static content such as shortcuts (and bookmark items favicon)!

Strollin' around

I second this motion.

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I totally agree.

Right now I am using some "free" bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar that act as these preferred Shortcuts.

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Come on Firefox! This is such a basic thing, if you advertise sync, yet the first thing you see when you open the browser doesn't sync, then that kinda sucks.

Not to mention that because of this lack of functionality, sometimes when you sign into a new Firefox instance on a new PC, it will overwrite your shortcuts on your other devices and replace them with the defaults. Terrible, terrible user experience. I've gotten used to manually editing them in prefs.js and restoring them often when they decide to delete themselves.

Yet another thing that will frustrate users to the point where they just revert back to Chrome 🙃

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Yes! It is a must!

Looking forward to seeing it in the next update.

How difficult could it be?

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+1 for this feature

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Yeah... everytime you add your Firefox account to a new device, the shorcuts page breaks with on all other connected devices, adding new and unwanted shortcuts (such as Amazon search) or other most visited sites/pages, that you don't want to be there.

A manual sync button is absolutely mandatory!

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I totally agree with all the above. Does Firefox look at this stream? I don't see any responses although the same question has been repeated for over a year?

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Seems like an obvious and easy to implement feature