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Firefox isn't with useful tool, which is tabs suspender, it saves of much hardware consume and doesn't allow your PC stay slowness and/or your own internet, because tabs can consume internet and recourses in background without you use it, so that's important and should be in all popular browsers including Firefox. I recommend they base on auto tab discard and possibly performance tool (by Microsoft Edge), because auto tab discard extension is really complete and very useful, mainly it saves where you stop on certain time video and performance tool saves much your recourses on your computer and is very efficient:

Screenshot 2022-05-13 222228.pngScreenshot 2022-05-13 222122.png


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Just replied to this tweet:

by listing the top tab-management ideas here on Connect:

You guys could do the same maybe.

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I might have been said in the thread already, but I read another thread about this and it would be great if it kicked in/became more agressive the more tabs you have open &/ depending on your systems ability (fx. more agressive on older/low-RAM devices).

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This is a very necessary feature be sure to consider its feasibility and implement it as soon as possible please😊

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This will be a life saving feature for a tab junky like myself. I have 50-100 open tabs on average (I know it's bad). Chrome was managing this rather efficiently (offloading tabs almost immediately).
Since the internet speed is fast nowadays, it wasn't a problem to reload a tab once opened again.
I hope Firefox will find a way to pause/suspend tabs more aggressive.