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maybe it's just an impression but from what i've been seeing most linux users prefer kde to gnome
so it feels wrong that firefox is only gtk.
with vscode firefox is my most used app and it seems obvious it is for lot of person.
so when you spend most of your time with an app that makes you feel it is out of place even though you need this one and only want to use this one... it is kind of frustrating.
it makes you feel like you were abandoned like mozilla do not consider kde (qt) users.
even though out of all gtk-apps i've tried firefox is the most integrated but still feel out of place ( when you have to spend all day with it in that environment you'll happen to feel it).

so please consider thinking about kde-users and bring us joy.
that'd be very appreciated.

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soo true bring firefox to Qt

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gtk on kde wayland is sub optimal at best