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Firefox's Two Step Verification (Google Authentificator)

In case you dont have access to the Firefox linked two step verification app anymore (ex: Google Authentificator) the account is lost and cannot be recovered! Please introduce in this case a recovery verification throug text message or email (like Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on). Until then is there any way to recover my account knowing my email and password?

#FirefoxSecurity #TwoStepVerification #GoogleAuthentificato @FirefoxSuppor
#FirefoxSecurity #TwoStepVerification #GoogleAuthentificato @FirefoxSupport

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Is Firefox controlling ? the 2 step verification used with gmail

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When you turn on V2F in Firefox Account you are provided 8 recovery codes (to be printed, noted, whatsoever, and kept in a safe place) that can be used in case you have not access to your temporary codes generator app (Google Authenticator, Authy, Aegis... etc.).

You can access your account with your password and those codes and then, deactivate and reactivate V2F to generate new QR code and new recovery codes.

You can also set up a recovery code for your password.

I don't think Firefox is responsible for not being able to use even back up codes, which are very important to keep.

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Why even adding 2FA authentication when they don't support us for exhausted Two-step authentication?

I mean, if you lost all details for the account for Two-step authentication, there are sure not going to help only suggest to create another Firefox account, meaning you have to create useless email. I mean, all other service providers they support disabling 2FA, so you can recover the it again.

Nah ah for Mozilla, might as well stay away from 2FA from Mozilla. They don't support anything.

Here there own quote:

"I lost my two-step authentication device, can’t find recovery codes and don’t have a logged-in device. Can I request to delete my Firefox Account?

In this case, it is currently not possible to delete your Firefox Account, since we don't have a way to verify your identity and ownership of that account. We recommend creating a new Firefox Account to use Firefox Sync and other services that require a Firefox Account.".

Been complaining for year for that, and I can't even make any threads on "". Admin blocked it because they got tired of the messages. Might happen here too.