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 When I'm on the homescreen of firefox nightly android there is a button in the 3 dots called what is new or something like that. If i click on it it will send me to a page from release notes for firefox android and not for firefox nightly android. I think no-one cares about stable version release notes when using nightly android. So i have 2 solutions 1. Remove the button or 2. Make a release notes page for android. i think people have prefer the second solution but please use one of those solutions.   

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Firefox for Android 114.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes.jpg

•So it's already cool, describing what was added for the release of the stable version of FF.


Firefox Beta for Testers 104.0b5 APK Download by Mozilla - APKMirror(1).jpg

•Now adding 2 more 'Release Notes' options is going to be a challenge though 😐.

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In this case, Firefox Beta for Android would have to have the 'Release Notes' too, that's a lot because a Nightly version is released every day, that is, it would have to have 'Release Notes' for Nightly: with an update of what was added, removed or deleted every day.

Beta: with description every x version , Example: FF115b1:..., FFb2:..., FFb3:... .

Stable: As always, a version is released every month.

It's a big and difficult job to do with all 3 versions, but not impossible.