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Status: In development

From what I've heard Firefox for desktop has a password generator, which is great, but firefox for mobile does not, even though the Lockwise app had it. I think password generation is very important, since not having to remember difficult passwords is the main perk of a password manager. googling for password generation on mobile is less convinient than on a desktop, so I wouldn't be surprised if people just don't do that. Adding password generation to mobile firefox would really improve my user experience 🙂

Status changed to: In development
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Community Manager
Great news...

Password generation on mobile is being worked on — check out @Isabella's recent comment in this thread for more details.

As always, keep on sharing feedback and stay tuned for updates 🙌

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+1 to this. I know it's a minor thing, but it really is a pain to go to some password generator site, I'd love to see this be integrated like it is on desktop. It's such a QoL improvement.

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Great news. I love and trust the desktop version. Looking forward to the mobile function.

Making moves

@IsabellaAny updates yet?


Hi everyone, we're still working on it! However, if you're really eager to see the work in progress, you can check out the feature on Firefox Nightly:

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Here is the unpredictable password generator. With this tool, you can fully customize your password by choosing the number of characters, including options for alphabets (both lowercase and uppercase), numbers, and special symbols. It's easy to use and generates a strong password for you in seconds.

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Use ProtonPass or Bitwarden. Browser password management is awful

Making moves

Frankly, Firefox desktop barely has this feature either, which is a massive oversight in the 21st century!
It only works under specific circumstances, and websites are doing their upmost to make login fields less obvious to browsers now, so it's barely functional anymore.

If I want to manually add a new login via the Firefox password page, there's no attempt whatsoever by Firefox to suggest or generate a password, so I'm off to another browser to get a decent password suggestion, which I then paste into Firefox!
Does this really sound like an ideal solution to the dev's? 😕