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I would like to have the ability to add more than 4 rows. They're quite convenient but I need more 🙂

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I have a lot of sites that I like to check/hop on. The shortcut ability helps, but there are just so many sites that just the 4 rows aren't enough. I think adding a 5th row would be perfect for people like me.

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And make it easy to reorder and rename pinned links! Other browsers already allow this, why not all versions of Firefox (especially for iOS, please)!

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More Bookmarks on Firefox Homepage

1. Remove the Search Bar on the Firefox Homepage - it's redundant.
2. Add the option to make the Bookmark Icons smaller; so that...
3. We can fit more Bookmarks on the Firefox Homepage without scrolling down; if possible...
4. Make the Firefox Name and Logo smaller so we can fit even more bookmarks. If Bookmark Icons are 1x1 for example, the Firefox Name and Logo can be 2x2 or 3x2 in size.

tldr; The Firefox Homepage should be dedicated to Bookmarks, fitting as many as possible without scrolling down (but you can scroll down if there's more).

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The pins are only useful if they are completely customizable:

  • Size and grid: from 2 rows for old-age eyes to 6 rows for quick visual access
  • List view: for non-visual folx
  • Name: Most default site names are not useful for limited space display
  • Icon: for easy visual access. Many sites don’t show their favicon when pinned (not sure why?)
  • URL: to remove extra junk like tracker code
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I agree with most of the above. It is really very basic - there are only about 10 pages I use regularly and it's annoying that only a small number of shortcuts appear at the top and the rest of my homepage is blank (all other options for home page turned off but this doesn't allow any more shortcuts to show..?!) being able to reorder them should be possible and intuitive eg by pressing and holding as on android home screen. If this could be implemented it would be great, but I'm getting so tired of having to waste a swipe several times a day to get the the shortcut I want that I'm going to start exploring other browsers to see if they have more efficient interfaces.

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Firefox,save me the trouble of browser hopping.It's fruitless anyway,they're all glitzy.Give me unlimited shortcuts And,please,add the option to create folders.

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Maximum bookmark limit on the homepage

Hi, it would be great to have more bookmarks than the maximum 4 lines available on the browser homepage. Let me explain: i've been a safari user for the last 13 years, over the years safari has had various tweaks, but one that has improved my productivity a lot is to have on the home page of the browser a vast amount of bookmarks that you can select from, allowing you to scroll on the homepage. Firefox on the other hand only allows you to put 32 favorite sites on the homepage it would be nice if instead you could scroll being able to then put many more .

Making moves

It is possible to add more than four rows of shortcuts. I've done it before but cannot find the directions now. I involves typing something into the address bar which opens up a lot of info inside Firefox. Then you just change a value. Firefox help is useless because all it does is present a list of other peoples questions. No answers that I saw.

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Load this settings filter in the URL bar:

Then change the value of this to something like 6

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More Shortcut Websites in Home Page

I think this would be better for everybody involved. I don't think it really messes with the minimalistic style this app is going for because you can just choose not to have it, but having it would definitely speed up the workflow of many people including me. Removing the limit entirely would be a good move, or be able to add folders for the shortcuts to be able to organize the frequently visited websites better, just like how bookmarks work.

Making moves

It's possible to add more rows of shortcuts. I've done it before by following instructions I found with a Google search. I cannot find the same advice now. It's really simple. Go to config and change a 4 to a higher number. I just cannot remember the line in config that requires the change.

Making moves

RENRAKU has it exactly. Thank you RENAKU.

Type about:config into your address bar and hit enter.

This will take you to a Warning page. Click the box that says "Accept the Risk and Continue".

The next page has another warning.  There is a search box there, put the following in that box. "browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.topSitesRows" without the quotation marks.

Or, you can click "show All". That will take you to a very long list. It's alphabetized so you can easily scroll it down to, "browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.topSitesRows" You will see the numeral "4" right there. Over to the right side there is a "pencil" icon. Click on that to edit. Delete the "4" and replace it with the number you want. The pencil icon will change into a check mark icon. Click on that and you are done. I have tried "6" and I have tried "8". Both of those work.

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Alas this fix is not for the android version of Firefox for which the thread was originally created. AFAIK about:config does nothing on mobile

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Please add more than 4 lines of saved sites in a new tab