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New member
Status: New idea
It would be great if developers can add Import/Export bookmarks and also Manage text sizes % on Firefox Focus.


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New member

I love the way the new Thunderbird v.115 allows for adjustment of toolbars' height/icons' size via about:config and full control over all text size via settings.  It would be great if Firefox could do the same; now, it seems that the only way to shrink the clownishly over-sized tool bars necessitates the shrinking of bookmark text and menu bar headings down to virtually unreadably small print.  I love both your browser and email client and have used both for years and will continue to use them both for years to come, but please, please port these new, highly-usable text & toolbars/icons size adjusting functions over to Firefox from Thunderbird.  and maybe, just maybe, even make the tool bar & icon adjusting function easier by incorporating the about:config/layout.css.devPixelsPerPx hack into the user-friendly options menu.

otherwise, FF is the best browser by far!   greggb