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The main reason I still use Safari on iOS / iPadOS is that there are good ad-blocking options available to Safari but not to Firefox.

Firefox Focus seems to have a capable ad-blocker included, but this is not available for the standard Firefox app to use.

It would be great if Firefox included an option to use the Firefox Focus ad-blocker in its settings.

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I concur with previous statements. I have tried to switch from Safari to FF several times on iPhone but the lacking of a capable add blocker built in keeps me going back to Safari. I have an ad-blocker via vpn for the entire device which helps but then I’m left with empty white space on websites. Would switch from Safari to FF if this was improved.

Strollin' around

It would be nice if FF had built in adblocker similar to Brave where you can turn on the lists you want or turn the ones off you don’t. If Brave can incorporate it into iOS I don’t see why FF cannot. Simply preloading ublock origin would be huge for the iOS app. Adblock is what would make it a true Safari alternative on mobile.

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Just switched to iOS from android, no Adblock support in FF mobile means I have to use brave now so I have consistent history and bookmarks with my pc and Mac now. Crazy that this doesn’t exist yet. 

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I don't get how Firefox still has no way to combat ads on iOS. "Apple has created a proprietary iOS extension system which is incompatible with Firefox add-ons and extensions" doesn't cut it when all of your rivals have already provided the workaround of having the extensions built into the browser itself like Brave, Edge, etc.

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Ad blocking is a required minimum feature - and it's weird, because Firefox Focus has ad blocking, but behaves like a private mode browser without option, and Firefox non-Focus can behave like a normal browser but won't block anything. It's a bizarre choice.


Opera, Brave, Safari, Edge, all offer ad blocking - this should be added to Firefox on iOS for sure.

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Absolute necessity and sadly very overdue!

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Third time trying to use FF on iOS and Mac. Third time I’m returning to Safari on iOS and Mac because of the lack of and adblocker for FF on iOS. 
In fact, the FF on iOS is just an empty shell, as it uses the Safari engine (Apple restrictions), have no extensions and no adblocker. But others browsers already have it, as Brave, Chrome and even the Firefox Focus. 
A “real” browse needs to offer it. It’s unbelievable that the younger brother Focus can do it, but not FF.

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+1 to this
I'd also love to see some ad blocking on Firefox iOS.  It is unusable without.  Currently I use Brave pn iOS which has great built in ad blocking.  But then I can't sync any of my tabs with Firefox desktop, so I also need to run Brave desktop for items I know I want to pick up on mobile.  Very inconvenient and I'd prefer to use Firefox across all devices.


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Brave and other browsers have a built in Adblock, would be nice for Firefox to have one too. 

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Adblocker for iOS

There is no reason for the regular Firefox app to not have an adblocker when Firefox Focus has it. This forces iOS users to choose between no adblocker (Firefox) or no tabs (Firefox Focus).