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Status: New idea

I don't think I'm the only one who has this need, i think all tablet users - or at least most - prefer to use Firefox in desktop mode, because many web pages viewed in desktop mode are more complete and better formatted. 

Due to the spread of tablets, however, in multiple platforms, it also seems unlikely to me to be the first to present this idea . . .

So I wonder why even today Firefox for android does not allow the possibility to permanently set the desktop mode via switch.  

In order not to be misunderstood, I am aware of the existence of the "Desktop site" button and its use. Unlike the functioning of this slider, I would like that in the settings of Firefox for android there was - for specific use on tablets - an option that changes the user agent from mobile to desktop, until revoked.

I'm not thinking of a plugin that would still be highly appreciated, but of an integrated feature in Firefox.

Is it possible to consider this implementation?

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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I agree 100% I am a researcher and I have to use an app I luckily got free one day ... Zoomable (I got it free on app discounts 1 day when it first came out! - luckily!) which allows me to be able to use the browser comfortably24/7/365. This would make life so much better; less challenging. Thank YOU for mentioning this. Otherwise I would not have spoken up. Grateful.

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There's an interesting conflict here. Samsung, maybe the largest Android tablet maker, presents tablets as big phones. When I was browsing for a new tab recently on Samsung's site I was in desktop mode and the site says absolutely hosed. I couldn't comprehend anything and scrolling was foobar'd. All the frames were jumping in and out of focus. Then I switched off desktop mode and voila, the site worked like a charm.

From form factor to function Samsung assumes you'll use tab like a big phone. Tabs are thought to be passe.

This whole Samsung (and Mozilla) mindset has me looking at a Surface.

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Any updates on this? Main reason I stopped using Firefox since getting a samsung tablet, I moved back to edge.

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Desktop site - an option to have it on by default

At this moment there is an option to turn desktop site on but I would appreciate an option to have it on by default (my tablet has 10" screen so I always prefer to have desktop site on as otherwise some websites will not scale bigger and I have lots of unused space on the left and right side whereas scaling bigger will make reading less tiring)

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@Andre001, A persistent desktop mode setting would have to be device dependent is you use Firefox on your phone and sync settings.

Strollin' around

The lack of this feature has caused me to switch to Chrome for most of my browsing on my Android tablet

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I agree. I have a 12.4 inch Samsung tablet and some sites look ridiculous, with huge text. The ideal would be that once Desktop Site is enabled for any site it continues to be used for that site, thus eliminating the problem where some site don't work well in that mode. But a global setting would be better than the present situation where you have to select Desktop site every time you go to a page,

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I am using Firefox on my all devices - PC, phone and tablet.

As for the tablet there is a problem with page displaying. The mobile layout on such large screen is almost always terrible. There is a possibility to use switch which changes the view to desktop site.

The problem is that this switch is not configurable and it always requires to switch it on again and again.

The idea is to make a configuration variable which will store information if to always use desktop mode. Having that, the user will need to only once make change to configuration panel and all sites will be displayed in proper mode.

The other idea is to allow to change the user agent. There are web pages which checks the user agent and use aggressive policy to force user to download their applications.

I know that there are some workarounds, but they require to have second installation of Firefox (beta I guess) and this is not very user friendly.

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Yes please.

Mobile sites are ridiculous.

I don't want a dumbed-down view, I don't want to install an app so they can better run data collection on me, I won't want comically-large text on my phone.

I want three real version of every website without having to change a toggle for every single tab that gets opened.