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Firefox should include a built-in adblocker, just like what Brave, Opera, etc have done. This should be something all browsers should include

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Make Firefox better block ads and popups

This is more of a request.

Firefox is my main browser. Lately, I’ve been using Brave browser more. Brave blocks more ads and popups, especially ads in the body of an email; I use

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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

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Firefox must have built in Adblocker. 
I use Firefox on my Mac all the time. However I need to use iPad a lot. Firefox iOS doesn’t have extension option neither built in ad blocker. I have to go with opera only on my iPad just because it has built in ad blocker. If Firefox integrates built in ad blocker. I won’t need any other browsers for any of my devices, Firefox will be there one and only

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Integrate uBlock Origin and Twitch Adblock into Firefox for iOS!

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as safari is based on WebKit and it allows extension, why this extension/ apps is not applied on Firefox. I mean in the same way as safari iPhone ( I know the full extension store Firefox is not allowed, but you could discuss with Adblock / AdGuard to apply as the same way as safari )

ps : why Firefox iPhone is able to connect to Firefox sync and not Firefox focus ?



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I recently started using another browser "br..e" because it completely blocks you tube ads by default.  All other ads are blocked with out installing any thing.  I don't want to leave Firefox, well because f google, but i also don't want to have to manage 2 browsers because of passwords etc.  If Firefox implemented strict ad blocking by default I would happily keep using Firefox as my default browser.  The other browser works seamlessly out of the box, and i have only had to install 1 extension to get it where i want it.  At the moment the other browser has a small market share, but because it works with you tube so well it is a bit of a game changer.

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firefox focus seems to block more ads would be nice to have here or a better Adblock

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Hello everyone, and thank you for accepting me in this community. My idea is to finally have Firefox add the ability to add ad blocking lists, plus the native ad blocking lists it should have. Also, the ability, as other browsers have, to display a clear message when there is a MITM so that it never happens again, this for example:
Another feature I would like to see is to add a proxy/VPN to the browser. As for security, I think Google Safe Browsing is totally unnecessary, so they should remove it, I think with extensions or a good DNS provider like dns0 is more than enough.



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I believe Adblock should be a built-in feature in Firefox where users can choose to enable/disable (keep disable by default).

I believe it is time for Firefox to introduce the adblocking built-in feature (disabled by default).