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Status: New idea

Since version 88, the "View Image" option in the right-click menu has been replaced with "Open Image in New Tab".

Even though this change allows users not to "lose" the tab the image is from, and that it still requires one click to "go back" -- Backward vs Close tab -- it is also a regression :

  • Before the change, opening the image in a new tab was actually possible with Ctrl + View Image
  • After the change, it is not possible to view the image in the same tab (without relying on an addon)
  • Furthermore, many programming mice support Forward/Backward browsing by default, thus allowing to go to the previous page without moving to click the Backward button.

I consider the ability to open an image in the same tab should be available natively, without relying on addons -- which may introduce vulnerabilities. Please revert the change, or at least bring the feature back through configuration.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Strollin' around

This behavior can be emulated by right-clicking, selecting "Copy Image Link", and pasting it into the URL bar with CTRL+L and CTRL+V. Slightly more cumbersome and time consuming, however.

I don't personally see the need for this option to exist. I have never wanted to open an image in the same tab. If I only want to view it, I click "Open Image in New Tab", and then close the tab (with CTRL+W) to go back to where I was. If I want to save it, I click "Save Image As..." If this option hadn't been removed, I would have removed it in my userChrome.css file, along with "Email Image" and "Set Image as Desktop Background" to reduce clutter.

Strollin' around

I'm with @Anonymous : bring the easiest way in the menu while have options for copying the image link to open it in a new tab. Thank you!

Making moves

Yeah, the image has to open in the SAME tab / window or at least in the FOREGROUND. The current setting -- opening in a new tab and in the background -- is totally silly, because the image you want to see in full size stays invisible in the first instance and you have to do another neddless click. It's so easy to understand but obviously not for Mozilla programmers.

Making moves

With the release of a new redesign in Firefox 89, the developers removed the Image Properties option from the context menu, please return it back.

Making moves

Maybe there should be a preference page to customize the context menu. I prefer to keep my page and open in a new tab, and adding another entry will cluster the context menu. So allowing users to choose which options appear in the context menu would work for everyone.