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I use a Galaxy Fold 4, and when I launch Firefox with the phone closed, the UI scales correctly to the smaller outer screen, most notably by only showing the URL, home button, options but nothing else. If I open the phone and continue using Firefox, the UI still only shows the reduced toolbar but now stretched to fill the wider screen. The rest of the browser appears to be rendering correctly.

This also works in reverse. If I launch Firefox when using the inner screen, the UI adapts by showing home, back, forward, URL, refresh, etc. which is very nice now that I have more screen area to use. But if I close the phone and return to the smaller outer screen, the toolbar does not revert to the reduced version but now shows all the same buttons (back, forward, refresh, etc.) all squished together. This makes the toolbar difficult to use, especially when entering URLs (screenshot attached)

If I force quit the app and relaunch, it returns to the correct layout. This works for either screen.

It would be great if the app could automatically add/remove the extra toolbar buttons/features when switching between inner and outer screens on foldables.

Thank you!

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