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Status: New idea

Hey there!

I'm currently using Firefox for Android on a Pixel 7, and there's just one thing: can the navigation bar at the bottom be made transparent? It would make for a more seamless experience and look a lot cleaner. Along with that, more information will also be visible.


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Community Manager

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Some more thoughts:

Along with that, can we also get features from this Reddit post?

The status bar idea sounds amazing and would definitely make Firefox look and feel more modern, even Google Chrome does not yet support these features.

Here's some sample photos I took of the status bar in Spotify that show similar things. If possible, having the choice to pick between these three rendering methods would be excellent for the end user.

1st photo: no status bar, content renders edge-to-edge


2nd photo: status bar shows, but is completely transparent.


3rd photo: status bar is translucent.


Thank you!